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To Whom It May Concern,
 My name is Brian K. Broadway. I am the Lead Pastor of Living Message Church.  Along with the responsibility of being a pastor, I am a husband, a father and a manager for the Hilton Worldwide Corporation.
Throughout my life, I have never had a problem balancing my work and my rest. Then suddenly at the age of 37, I found myself facing a challenge that I never encountered before.
One night, while sleeping, I felt I was trying to wake myself up, but I could not. After waking up, I tried to lie back down and it felt like I was having a heart attack. My heart started pounding, I was sweating and I could not lie down.
I did not know what was happening. Throughout the day, it wasn’t being tired that bothered me, it was the fear that I would have to go home and try to sleep again. For a week, I could not sleep due to fear. 
I was afraid of sleeping and not awakening. I called into work various mornings since I did not sleep. This affected me as a Pastor, as a Husband, as a Father and as a Manager at Hilton. I finally decided that I would have to get help.
I contacted Geron Rogers at the Milestone Counseling for help. After my fist session with Geron, I walked away with not only an understanding of what a panic attack is but with a confidence that I can overcome it.
He explained how the mind works and that there were practical methods that could help me overcome fear and panic. After applying those methods Geron shared with me in a few sessions, I have never had another panic attack,
nor have I had any problem sleeping. 

  Milestone Counseling helped me rebalance my life, regain mental focus and continue to achieve my life’s goals.
  I would recommend anyone who is battling with any mental health issues to contact Milestone Counseling.
There are moments in life when we lose balance and eventually it can cause us to lose hope. I not only regained my balance, I gained a greater faith and a higher hope. On behalf of my family and my church family,
I would like to say thank you to Geron Rogers and the Milestone Counseling for all of their help.
Brian K. Broadway
Founder & Lead Pastor
Living Message Church

I’m not even sure where to begin.  In March of 2011, my once very self confident and independent daughter started exhibiting some strange behaviors.  It began with a compulsion for hand washing. 
She would have to wash her hands constantly and it began to extend to her constantly telling her brother to wash his hands.  Now this may not sound bad, but when one is washing their hands to the point
that they are beginning to crack and bleed because they are being dried out by the soap, there is a problem.  From the hand washing, she moved onto having to check the water constantly,
because she wasn’t sure if she “turned it off”.  It was becoming evident that there was something going on and my once confident daughter was becoming an insecure and scared 3rd grader.

During the summer things progressed and going to bed became a nightmare.  In between the washing of the hands and checking the water, came the questions and concerns of bleeding and dying. 
It would be 2 hours of trying to reassure her that she wasn’t bleeding and she would wake up just fine in the morning.  When I realized that this was beyond my control, I inquired into placing her in therapy
and  Geron Rogers was recommended. 

I can’t say enough about Geron.  He worked with my daughter in various ways using talk therapy, sand tray therapy, and teaching her relaxation techniques.  After a short three months, our self confident
daughter returned to us. The sand tray therapy allowed her to express what she didn’t know how to verbalize.  The relaxation therapy has allowed her the ability to control a situation if something begins to upset her. 
Giving her these abilities has given us back our fun loving rolling with the punches daughter.   Bed time is no longer a nightmare, the hand washing is now back to normal, and the irrational concerns are kept at bay. 
Mr. Geron has helped us more than he knows and we are so very grateful for his guidance to us and his ability to work with our daughter. 


As a client for close to 3 years, at Milestone Counseling, I would like to recommend them for all of your counseling needs.  They are very professional, warm, and caring people with a lot of knowledge in helping people work through their daily issues in life.  They maintain a very warm and welcoming office and office staff.

Sincerely, CM

To Whom it May Concern:

  We have been using Milestone Counseling's services for several years now and have been very pleased with the results that our patients and their families have been receiving.  We believe that Geron and Valarie have a wonderful record of caring, and take the extra time that patients need to help with their mental health.  We hope that you will consider Milestone Counseling for your patients as well.

Sincerely,  Mona Patel, MD.  Clermont Pediatrics

To Whom it May Concern:

Our office has been in Clermont since 1991 and I have been personaly practicing medicine with Clermont Pediatrics since 2003.  Since starting up with my company and building up a patient base, I have noticed a large deficit in mental health providers in our area.  Over the last few years, I have come to depend on quality counseling and therapy from providers outside my office to get real results for my patients.  Milestone Counseling has been the best of those providers.  I have received countless words of admiration and thanks from my patients for the care they have received from Geron and Valarie, and have been happy to refer even more patients to them from my office as well as from my personal circle of friends and family.  I hope you will consider them to provide service for your patients as well. 

Sincerely,  Vipin Mendiratta M.D.  Clermont Pediatrics

To Whom It May Concern,

  I have been a practicing Pediatrician since 1985 and have been in the Clermont area after opening my own office in 2004.  Since establishing myself in the Clermont area I have noticed a very large deficit in mental health providers in our area.  It is extremely important to me that we have quality providers to refer our patients to.  Several of our patients have been treated by Milestone Counseling and they are extremely pleased with the care and service that they have received there.  We would love to be able to refer more patients to Milestone as they hopefully will be able to be accepted into more of the insurance panels.  We highly encourage that they be able to be credentialed with your company. 

Sincerely,  Norma Jean Guzman M.D.  Lagos Pediatric Care

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