Carolyn Kohlenhoefer

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Carolyn Kohlenhoefer, M.Ed., MHC, NCC graduated from Clemson University in South Carolina with a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Reading Education.

Carolyn taught public school in South Carolina and North Carolina prior to training as a therapist and working for the local office of South Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and as Director of Vocational Rehabilitation at Harris Psychiatric Hospital in Anderson, SC.  She served as Mental Health Chief at Patrick B. Harris Hospital as part of the Psychology Department.  While at Harris, Carolyn provided assessments, designated examinations, treatment plans, psycho educational groups for patients, and training and debriefing for staff.  She has experience with chronic mental illness, dual diagnosis, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, employee assistance, motivational interviewing, and group counseling.  She is able to incorporate the use of Stories In Healing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills, Rational Behavior Therapy, and Personality & Learning Styles into her work when appropriate.  She has experience working with individuals, agencies, industry and the court system.

While at her last practice location, Carolyn served as Director of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and worked primarily with parole and probation clients. She assessed and evaluated each client and stayed in close communication with the Parole officers who had referred these individuals. She also met individually with other clients who requested therapy.

She has recently had additional training in working with Romantic Partners of Problem Gamblers, Neuroscience and Yoga in the Treatment of Complex, Developmental, or Repeated Trauma; Shame Shields: the Armor We Use to Protect Ourselves and Why It Doesn’t Serve Us, Youth Mental Health, Diversity in Healthcare, Behavioral and Medicinal Characteristics of Plant-Based Nutrients as well as Spirituality and Addictions in Counseling.

On a personal note, Carolyn believes that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.  When not at work, she has a garden with vegetables and flowers, plays with her two dogs, and enjoys yoga, kayaking and bicycling. She treasures her friendships and the interactions she has with her colleagues. She is also a volunteer in the Children’s Ministry at her church and has mentored a high school student in Lake County Schools for the last few years.