Daniel Ivey


Daniel Ivey is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern and a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain serving in Central Florida's only Level 1 Trauma Center primarily working in the Emergency Department. He is also a Pastor in The United Methodist Church. Daniel brings his unique life experiences from these various fields into the counseling setting. Daniel is a graduate from a Top 10 program in the National Counseling Program, having his Master of Arts in Counselor Education: Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida 2016. There he also earned a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. Daniel earned a Master of Divinity in theological studies from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2010, and also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia.

Since around the age of 12, Daniel started noticing that people, including adults, would regularly approach him and share their life's story. He was always amazed and honored that people felt safe to share with him. He remembers asking his older brother later why this was and he responded by saying, "Daniel, it's because they can tell that you truly care." To this day, whether in the grocery store or in the counseling setting, Daniel finds that both experiences are still happening. People still feel safe to share their life story with him, and he still truly cares. Daniel feels it is his life’s calling to walk alongside people in their sacred life stories, and share their victories, their pain, their struggles, their losses, and wrestle with the questions of life. Now at the age of 32 with the unique training, education, and background Daniel has, he is happy and willing to dive into the lives of others and help people walk out their journey.

Daniel sees clients of all ages from 4 years old to 104. He works with individuals, couples, and families in whatever they are going through at their time of need. He is also qualified to provide in depth counseling in the area of Spirituality, having both my Master's in Counseling and a Master of Divinity, alongside my years of experience as a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain working in the hospital setting.

Daniel’s primary therapeutic orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Existentialism with a bent for Rogerian Person Centered Therapy. With younger clients, and even “young at heart” clients, he incorporates the techniques and use of Play Therapy with Sand Tray and various play toys and activities. With adult clients, he uses traditional talk therapy. However, he lets the client and the situation dictate the flow of the session. He partners with his clients to see and do what is most helpful to them in therapy. Sometimes this means a walk around the block in the outdoors doing counseling, or even walking in silence and solidarity with you.

No matter what life has thrown your way, be it depression, anxiety, death, illness, divorce, relationship struggles, parenting issues, legal trouble, mental illness, crisis, life changes, or just too much stress in general, Daniel looks forward to walking alongside you as your therapist and hold your sacred story in trust and confidentiality. He is here for you as a professional who truly cares.

Daniel wants to help people live their fullest life today, and to be the fullness of who they were made to be.