Dawn Cohen



Dawn was born and raised in New York City. At a young age, she knew that she wanted to work with people. This feeling was authenticated when she worked at a group home setting that served adults with developmental and physical challenges. While in this position, she began her love of helping others and wanted to do more.  She grew fond of the clients that she served and learned a great deal from them about compassion and the will to overcome obstacles in life. She enrolled in college and attended while working a full time position with at risk adolescents at a job training facility. While working in this position, Dawn acquired a love for adolescence and was able to develop empathy and support for them as she also had some challenging times during her adolescence. Dawn also completed an internship while attending college at a rehabilitation/nursing facility that served clients who had dementia and other physical limitations. This afforded her the opportunity to meet clients where they were with their struggles of coming to grips with their loss of memory.

Dawn received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Social Work in 1999. The last year of college was challenging as she juggled a career, school, internship, and adjusting to being newly married. Upon graduation, Dawn was promoted to a counseling position at her job training facility. It was during this time, she had the realization that she wanted to continue her education and be able to serve others in a more therapeutic setting. Therefore, she pursued a Master’s Degree in Social Work that she acquired in May 2005 at Rutgers University. While attending college, she worked with various populations which included the visually impaired, families with young children, adolescence on the Autism spectrum, as well as at an outpatient facility for adults with mental illnesses.

Dawn has received specialized training as a Level II NILD Educational Therapist and is able to serve those with Dyslexia and other learning challenges. In addition, she is certified as an Adoption Competency therapist. She also utilizes narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths perspective, sand tray, as well as therapeutic games. Dawn enjoys working with children and their families as this is a passion for her. Being a mom of two children, she understands the joys and challenges that come with raising children in their various stages of development. Her goal is to walk alongside of her clients and create a safe environment for children and their families to be able to openly express their thoughts and feelings in a therapeutic environment.