Kevin Barker

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Kevin was born and raised in a Christian home with conservative morals and values. From a very early age, Kevin possessed great compassion and empathy for others. When seeing others mistreated, hurt, or in pain, Kevin’s heart went out to them. He remembers seeing his father hurting and in pain at the funeral of his grandmother. In his junior year in high school, he lost a member of his youth group at church due to an aneurysm that ruptured in his brain. In his senior year in high school, his girlfriend’s (future wife) father passed away from cancer. All of these life events impacted him in a way that challenged his thoughts about why there is so much suffering in the world.

Kevin has a true passion for children. This lead him to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Faulkner University, Montgomery, Alabama, in the spring of 1989. That summer, he married his high school sweetheart and began working in the public school system in Putnam County, where he taught for ten years. He called Palatka, Florida, home for those ten years. There, he and his wife started their family with one dog and two sons. Along with teaching, he was an active member of a local church congregation, where he worked as a youth minister, and his wife worked as the church secretary. He moved to Mount Dora, Florida, and began teaching at his alma mater, Christian Home and Bible School, for the next eighteen years.

After twenty-five years in education, his principal encouraged him to go back to school and get his Master’s degree. Kevin has always enjoyed listening to others and helping them with their struggles, so getting a degree in counseling came very naturally to him. He graduated with his degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona, in 2017. He is currently a registered mental health counselor intern with the state of Florida and is working toward full licensure by 2019.
Kevin holds the belief that every individual has the ability to make positive changes in their lives. This comes from a Solution Focused mindset. He has an eclectic view for counseling and believes that each client must collaborate with the therapist to use the theory, or theories, that best suits them in their healing process. He also believes that Freedom, Compassion, and Hope lie within every individual. These can be gained through a healthy therapeutic relationship. Finding freedom from everyday struggles in a compassionate atmosphere is where Hope can be found.

He looks forward to meeting and assisting you to overcome the struggles you have in your life.