MaryAnn Aiyer

MaryAnn Prof

MaryAnn Aiyer serves as the in-house mediator for Milestone. She brings Milestone families her combination of business background, education experience and legal knowledge to help with their transitions.

Mediation is a cooperative process where parties can work through various family matters outside of court. Because the parties, rather than the court, determine the agreement, the results is designed for the family’s unique situation. The mediation process can save parties time and money by working prior to the court’s involvement. It also can be ongoing as the family needs change over time.

MaryAnn, a Colorado native, has made her home in the Clermont community since 2000. During that time, she has worked with several schools in the area as a professor, teacher and administrator. She also heads Aiyer Enterprises, LLC, a legal and educational support service. MaryAnn serves in the Florida Fifth Circuit Court as a county court mediator.

MaryAnn has a master’s degree in education leadership from Bob Jones University. She has an Executive Juris Doctorate from Concord/Kaplan. She is certified by the Florida Supreme Court in family and county mediation.

What others say about MaryAnn:

“MaryAnn's high level of sound judgement and integrity is reflected in her ability as a facilitator, helping to find mutually acceptable solutions. Her experience and professional interaction with diverse family situations give her the capabilities to guide clients to sound, winning strategies while remaining impartial.”

“Thank you for your wise counsel when I have needed it the most. I have really appreciated you listening to me and giving advice that has encompassed seeing all sides of the story. Your advice has always been helpful and discerning.”

“I am so thankful for the help Dr. Aiyer has provided in difficult circumstances.    She has that rare combination of a caring spirit coupled with the wisdom to see through to the heart of any problem or issue - a refreshingly honest peacemaker.”

“MaryAnn is compassionate, empathetic and kind; she genuinely cares about people. She empowers those around her by building their capacity to achieve want they want to achieve. She is a woman of integrity with a heart to serve.”