Rachel Golub


Rachel was born and raised in England in a quaint town in West Yorkshire.  Rachel enjoyed strong family bonds with her parents and 3 siblings, traditional values and love of animals and the outdoors.  Rachel cherishes many memories of growing up in Yorkshire, and riding her horse through the Yorkshire hillside with her friends.  Rachel moved to the United States with her family in her late teens, which posed great challenges but also adventure and opportunity. 

Rachel recently obtained her License as a Clinical Social Worker in January 2018, and is dedicated to assisting clients to overcome life’s challenges and reach their highest potential. Rachel strives to provide effective therapeutic services to clients using a Client Centered, strengths-based approach. Rachel offers a supportive environment where each client feels safe to explore their unique challenges, set realistic goals and work towards resolutions in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere.  Rachel specializes in providing therapy to children and adolescents struggling to cope with a variety of challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, mood disorders, coping with parental divorce, or simply experiencing difficulty navigating life’s changes and challenges. Rachel assists her clients to strengthen coping, communication and assertiveness skills and build and strengthen interpersonal relationships.


Rachel demonstrates strong critical thinking skills while implementing evidence-based treatments geared towards each client’s unique situation. With extensive experience and expertise in early childhood as a prior Certified Montessori Teacher, Rachel’s genuine person-centered and caring approach to service delivery is a proven formula for success.  Rachel enjoys a connection with children by utilizing various play and expressive therapy techniques to allow children to explore their world in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment. 


Rachel has had the pleasure of serving a vast array of diverse clients in her roles as Medical Social Worker and Children’s Therapist, and looks forward to making continued positive impacts in the lives of those she serves.