Ramiqa Hopewell


Ramiqa was born and raised in a southeastern town and was the youngest of 4 siblings. Ramiqa graduated in the highest group of students in high school and moved to Florida where she completed her Bachelor’s degree. At the age of 23, just 3 months after graduating from college, Ramiqa tragically and unexpectedly lost her mother. The experience of losing a parent was very traumatic. It was the first time Ramiqa experienced feelings of depression, pain, uncertainty, and grief. Ramiqa suffered the same emotions 18 months later after her father suffered a stroke and passed away.

Feeling like she must be strong for her journey in life, Ramiqa learned to put a smile on her face to show others she was healing during a tragic time. Ramiqa then met a man that would eventually become her backbone through the hard ache and pain of losing both her parents just 18 months apart. Eventually those hard and painful memories of her parents’ passing were replaced by amazing memories that included getting married, growing with companionship, starting a family, and raising two amazing boys that reflect memories of their grandparents which have passed. Over 10 years of marriage, Ramiqa and her husband have worked hard to create a foundation that would include compromising, understanding, loving moments, respect, and honoring each other in life.

During the growth of their marriage, Ramiqa and her husband have worked hard to play a strong role in the community. Together, they work with their family’s business to manage a daycare and thrift stores. Funds from those businesses are used to feed the community with a food bank. Managing business and family life has challenges but it has allowed Ramiqa to adjust, prioritize, and learn by growth. Professionally Ramiqa decided, when she was 25, to return to school to become a mental health therapist while being a first time mom and working as a political director. Ramiqa worked in crisis hospital units while completing her program. In 2012, Ramiqa graduated and moved to another state when her husband had the opportunity to become a school Dean. Ramiqa was able to work as a Crisis Counselor and transitioned to the Program Director within eight months of working with the program. She has worked with children and young adults to focus on stabilization and assisting them with short term and long-term goals. With her years of experience, life training, and passion, she is more than qualified to assist you along your journey in life.