Valarie Rogers


Valarie’s life story is one of resiliency and sheer determination. Her childhood was filled with times of desperation and uncertainty often finding her as caregiver and protector of her siblings. She spent most of her childhood homeless and has been the victim of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as well as neglect and abandonment. Being placed in the foster care system at the age of nine, Valarie was able to turn dismal and daunting circumstances into inner strengths and virtues. It was during this time that her dream of working with children was born. A further testament to her determination was the process of gaining her degree in education while working full time and raising three children.

It was in the fires of these trials and challenges that Valarie honed her natural gifts of nurturing and compassion. Valarie has a unique ability to connect with both children and adults who have suffered from abuse and/or neglect. Further, her considerable capacity for genuine empathic attunement gives her the opportunity to view the inner emotional landscape of her clients with great dexterity and accuracy.

While Valarie’s primary clinical passion is children, she has also developed a love and affinity for working with adults on a variety of issues. She is especially gifted in helping individuals and couples navigate the sometimes difficult terrain of relationships. She is also eager to work with parents to meet the challenges of raising children during these stressful times. Further, she has, from both personal and professional experience the desire and skills to help adults dealing with past or present issues to find a path to wholeness.

Valarie’s childhood determination to prepare herself to help and protect led her at midlife to return to further her education. While working full-time as a professional elementary educator she and her husband were able to enter graduate school eventually earning master’s degrees in psychology. Coupled with her education in counseling psychology and twenty years of experience as an elementary teacher, Valarie has been able to present her clients with a vast array of professional, personal, and academic abilities that can have profoundly positive effects on the issues that they bring to the counseling moment.

As a life-long learner, Valarie has continued her training to gain expertise in a variety of counseling techniques. She is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Mental Health Counseling Supervisor, Certified in Play Therapy, Play Therapy Supervisor, Certified in Reality Therapy, Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and holds a current Professional Teaching License.

Partnered with her husband, Geron Rogers (also a mental health counselor), Valarie leads a busy life of counseling, and attending to the lives of their five children and eight grandchildren. Her present life goal is to help all that she comes into contact with to achieve emotional, spiritual, and relational health.

Valarie stands ready to work with you to achieve your goals. Having been there she can help you find the treasures of life that will bring the completeness and satisfaction that she has found.